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Metal structures

What are the welded metal structures and what are they for

The term “metal structures” includes a wide range of products with various configurations made of different materials with ranging operational qualities. A common quality of all those products is the fact that they are made of sheet material and are useful both in construction and agriculture.

Following types of metal structures are produced:

  • welded metal structures with separate elements joined by welding;
  • riveted metal structures with separate elements joined by use of metallic rivets. Such method of joining increases cost, but positively affects the durability of joints in case of mechanical effect;
  • threaded metal structures are much heavier, but if needed the structure can be disassembled and separate elements can be replaced.

Profexpert metal structures manufacturing plant specializes in welded structures.

What metal structures are made of

Metal structures are made of rolled metal products of various configurations and qualities. Following elements are most widely used in metal structures manufacturing:

  • beam (walls can be flexible or corrugated);
  • sheet metal (profile sheets);
  • U-beam;
  • pipe;
  • angle;
  • profiles (mainly welded, cold-formed profiles are used).

A wide range of metal structures allows to achieve various tasks without compromising quality and design of the planned object.

We also offer a wide choice of materials for use in manufacture of metal structures. Choice of the material is determined by the requirements for durability of the constructed object, as well as several external influencing factors and their aggressiveness.

Manufacturing of metal structures for construction and mechanical engineering

Profexpert manufacturing plant produces various types of metal structures, including metal structures for:

  1. industrial buildings, logistics centres, warehouses.
  2. residential buildings, including private and multi-flat houses with the most complicated designs.
  3. custom products for mechanical engineering.
  4. socially significant buildings.

We provide manufacturing services of any metal structure in accordance with the client’s projects and blueprints. We are always ready for interesting projects, non-standard solutions, and difficult tasks.

Quality mechanical processing of metal structures

We are not only manufacturing and welding metal, but we are also capable to process any metal structures in accordance to your needs.

There are situations when it is necessary not only to connect structures by welding, but also to cut, drill assembly holes, and to remove excessive elements (for example, bevels) from metal structures. We provide metal cutting services on modern machinery with fast turnaround time. We have modern machinery and qualified experts to perform such works.

All similar works are carried at our manufacturing plant in accordance with the requirements of European standards on safety and environmental safety of manufacturing plants.

Manufacture and installation of metal structures, and other services

Profexport metal structures manufacturing plant provides following services:

  • manufacturing by use of modern technologies;
  • assembly of metal structures;
  • installation of metal structures in accordance with your blueprints;
  • product processing and cleaning;
  • corrosion protection by galvanization, which currently is the best tried and true method;
  • welding of metal structures;
  • transportation of metal structures.

Construction metal structures can be successfully used in general construction and concrete works. Our experienced experts, who have completed more than 200 large-scale projects to date, are ready to provide the above-mentioned services.

Metal structures plants

  • Plants with a total area of 1200 m² + 1700 m²
  • ISO and EN certificates
  • Building structures
  • Machinery structures
  • Sawing and drilling
  • Welding processes MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA
  • AISI welding
  • Gas cutting, plasma cutting
  • Phase preparation and cutting
  • Mechanical processing, cleaning and painting

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